MIT Building 10 Dome

February 9th, 2011 by

A well-known MIT icon, this 150-foot high dome known as the Great Dome had numerous leaks that were impacting the occupied libraries below. While mitigating the leaks, Phoenix took extra care and maintained a watertight roofing system during construction. Dimensions and documentation of the existing dome conditions were recorded to insure all stone was replaced in its exact original location. Once the measurements were complete, a portion of the limestone dome base and circular stepped walls were dismantled.  The upper dome stones were supported and kept from shifting or sliding. All existing mortar was removed, materials were leveled, the concrete base was repaired and a complete waterproofing system was installed. The new waterproofing covered the base of the dome and circular stepped walls.  After the waterproofing was electronically tested for leaks, the limestone circular stepped walls were reinstalled and new limestone was added at the dome.  Finally, all existing mortar joints in the limestone dome were removed and replaced.  The results were impressive, so much so that the project received the 2010 AON Build America Award.