Masonry and sustainable building design are a natural fit. Masonry, with its durability, local or regional manufacturing, and thermal mass characteristics, meets many of the goals of sustainable building design. It is a known fact that brick and block buildings are long lasting and extremely durable. There are also many other aspects to a masonry wall assembly that contribute to a properly functioning and sustainable structure.

Phoenix Bay State Construction utilizes the latest environmentally friendly techniques and solutions on historic and non historic restorations. We incorporate non abrasive cleaning methods and non toxic solutions to clean even the most stubborn pollutants from brick and stone buildings. Our management staff is educated and certified in LEED rating systems. Many of our projects incorporate the installation of Air and Vapor Barrier systems in conjunction with the masonry scope of work. The expertise in both of these fields provides our clients with sole source responsibility for the building envelope and the proper guidance towards a LEED certified project.

With the development of the LEEDTM Green Building Rating System, interest in sustainable design has taken off. If sustainability is partially defined in terms of longevity, then masonry is at the top of the list.